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Prince Dakkar Identity

Prince Dakkar Identity

Branding, Print, Web

I was commissioned by mr. Aristeides Stremmenos to do a complete brand design for his craft IPA beer.

This included naming the brand, creating a bottle label for the first, limited-edition run of his new brew.

My goal: Aligning the personal values of the brewer, a young scientist that loves travel and the sea, with the product at hand, a unique, handcrafted Indian Pale Ale brew.

I instantly fell in love with this project, as I got to interact with a brand at the moment of its inception. There was no name for the product, no established brand identity, and I had the amazing support from the brewer, Mr. Stremmenos, to be as creative as possible. The final result was a powerful brand, evoking emotions of seafaring and discovery.

by dimi

June 11, 2016